Love film, love first Class

We welcome all our patrons to enjoy our first class screen one.

Our evening service in Bond’s Bar, exclusive for our first class patrons, is open daily between 7-7.45pm, with the film beginning at 8pm. You will have the opportunity to choose from our menu and one of the Bond’s team members will deliver your order, directly to your table, before the film starts. Come early to enjoy the pre-show entertainment.
With complimentary Pringle snacks and a bowl of sweets to enjoy as you look through our extensive bar menu. Our afternoon shows include allocated leather reclining sofa’s and armchairs, extensive legroom, and complimentary re-fills of soft drinks at the Sweets Kiosk only.


We know you love comfort so that is why we teamed up with Mackays, the best family furniture store in Edinburgh, to develop the perfect sofa, just for you. With electronic back and foot rest adjustments , at a touch of a button, you can recline your sofa to your perfect position.


We know you love style so that is why all your drinks come in proper glasses, so crystal comes as standard and out goes the plastic! Your nachos will be served in bowls, not bendy bits of cardboard! With Bond’s bar, exclusive to first class customers only, why not treat yourself to chilled champagne and exceptional quality wines by the bottle. Tarquin de Burgh, our wine merchant, has a passion for wine and has recommended seven wonderful wines for you to choose from.


We know you love service, so when you book on line, you will experience a journey of speed and efficiency. As a first class customer you can now stroll past the box-office queues straight to your luxurious electronic recliner in Screen One. For the evening show you will be met by one of the team who will offer you a menu to peruse as you watch the pre-show entertainment. Your table will be set up with complimentary Pringles and a bowl of sweets and then you can order from a wide range of bar drinks and sweets. The Gourmet 12″ hotdogs in freshly made buns will satisfy most appetites! We know you dislike queues, so that is why we designed Bond’s bar, exclusive to first class patrons inside screen one, so our team can serve your favourite sweets and drinks directly to your table. This service is available for all our evening shows, from 7-8pm daily.


We know you love good value for money so that is why Bond’s bar has a large selection of upgraded beers, wines and spirits to choose from. All Champagne will be served to you in chilled wine coolers making every sip as good as the last!


We know you love film so that is why we have allocated all seats closer to our new improved larger screen with extensive room around the seats and two tables for each sofa. Now with extra Dolby digital speakers to immerse your senses you can really experience the magic of film. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the unique Dominion experience.

Love film, love First Class.